Ultrasurf (Windows Client)

Ultrasurf (Windows Client) is a free software that enables users to visit websites safely and freely through a secure encrypted tunnel. It is a small file, and no installation is required.

Ultrasurf runs on Microsoft Windows. It supports Internet Explorer by default. You may also use Firefox (click here to download the Firefox add-on). To use other browsers, you need to manually set up proxy to use Ultrasurf. Certain anti-virus programs may prevent Ultrasurf from downloading or starting. If you encounter this problem, you may need to accept Ultrasurf as an exception, or temporarily disable your anti-virus software.

To download

  1. Double click the Ultrasurf download button on the top to download the zip file, or you can click hear.

  2. Once the file has downloaded, look for it in the default location for your downloads, e.g. your downloads folder or on your desktop. The file will be called

  3. Most operating systems will automatically unzip the Ultrasurf file when you double click it. Some may require you to manually unzip the file using a program such as WinZip or Stuffit.

  4. Once the file is unzipped, double click on the corresponding .exe file. For instance, when you unzip you will see a file called u1103.exe (or a similar name depending on the version you’ve downloaded) in the same folder. This is the executable file that runs Ultrasurf.

  5. Double-click the Ultrasurf executable file. Your internet browser will launch automatically, along with the Ultrasurf interface.

  6. The Ultrasurf interface gives you the option of adjusting your settings. However, the software will work without any adjustments.

  7. Browse the internet in safety and freedom.

  8. To close Ultrasurf, simply close the Ultrasurf interface.

Ultrasurf Chrome Extension

Ultrasurf Chrome Extension is a popular Chrome extension that is very easy to use and support all platforms (Windows, Mac and Linux, etc.)

To Install Open your Chrome browser and click here.

Ultrasurf Android VPN

We developed Ultrasurf Android VPN that support all applications on your Android mobile decives. We are beta testing it.

To Install Search “Ultrasurf VPN” in Google Play Store on your mobile devidec, or open this link: Ultrasurf Android VPN

Additional assistance

If you are having difficulty installing or using Ultrasurf, visit our User Center. You may also view Freedom House’s video tutorial here.