User Center

Security Questions

  1. Is it safe to use Ultrasurf to visit any websites? Can third party monitor what websites are being opened?

    ANSWER: Ultrasurf uses industry standard strong end-to-end encryption to protect your data transfer from being seen by third party.

  2. If I use Ultrasurf to post on forums or visit websites, does the forum or website know my real IP?

    ANSWER: Ultrasurf uses proxy technology to hide your IP address from websites you visit.

  3. Is Ultrasurf a Trojan or virus?

    ANSWER: Neither. Some anti-virus software companies misclassify Ultrasurf as a malware or Trojan because Ultrasurf encrypts the communications and circumvents internet censorship. We are in the process of resolving this issue with these anti-virus companies. It is our mission to protect users’ privacy when browsing the internet.

Startup, Shutdown, and Configuration Questions

  1. What should I do if Ultrasurf cannot connect to internet?

    ANSWER: Please follow the steps below:

    • Check if you can connect to the internet directly.
    • If your internet is OK, please shutdown your firewall, anti-virus Software. Restart Ultrasurf.
    • If you still cannot connect to internet, it may be because our servers are too busy. Please try again later. If you encounter this problem often, please email us your detailed platform and network environment information and we will attempt to remedy the situation.
  2. Why is Ultrasurf occasionally unable to find servers?

    ANSWER: If it is temporarily network issue, you can try it later. If you see Ultrasurf user interface display a “network connection failure, check your network and proxy setting” message, please check your network connection setting or proxy setting, and firewall setting. If you still cannot connect to our sites, please send us your detailed platform and network environment information.

  3. Why is Ultrasurf sometimes slower than normal?

    ANSWER: This may be due to our server being overloaded. We are trying to find more resources to solve this issues.

  4. I use my own proxy server and cannot connect to internet. Why is this?

    ANSWER: Your proxy may be invalid. Please verify it. Many users search proxies by their own channels and some proxies have already expired. One of the great technology contributions from Ultrasurf is to provide a large number and stable proxy servers. Users can use Ultrasurf to browse the internet freely and easily, without the need to search proxy servers manually.

  5. Some companies block port 9666, which is used by Ultrasurf, how do I bypass it?

    ANSWER: 9666 is local port. You can also change it in the “Option”.

Usage Questions

  1. Ultrasurf pops up a window and asks me to update, what does that mean?

    ANSWER: This is Ultrasurf’s auto-upgrade. If you choose “yes”, the new version will be saved to the same location as the old version. The old version will not be deleted.

  2. Why are certain websites inaccessible using Ultrasurf?

    ANSWER: Ultrasurf employs internal filters to block illicit and pornographic content. Moreover, some websites with very high bandwidth requirements may not be supported by Ultrasurf.

  3. Some pictures cannot be displayed using Ultrasurf.

    ANSWER: If this occurs, it is likely that the network is busy and Ultrasurf cannot retrieve pictures from servers. You can refresh your browser or try to clear your browser cache. If you use IE, just click Tools->Internet Option->Delete Files.