Frequently Asked Questions

This page is about the company, for questions on how to use Ultrasurf, see our Support or User Center pages.

  1. Who uses Ultrasurf?

    ANSWER: Ultrasurf currently serves approximately 3 - 5 million unique users every month in over 180 countries. Ultrasurf users are typically young, internet-savvy, and socially engaged. Ultrasurf is popular not only in closed societies; internet users in the United States, the UK, and other non-censoring countries also employ Ultrasurf to protect their security online. The tool is also particularly useful for anyone working or traveling in closed societies.

  2. Why should I use Ultrasurf?

    ANSWER: Ultrasurf has a number of applications:

    • Encrypt your communications
    • Hide your IP address from the websites visited
    • Protect your security while on a public WiFi (ie. at hotels, airports, coffee shops, etc.)
    • Circumvent internet censorship to access blocked websites
  3. How does it work?

    ANSWER: When a user launches Ultrasurf, the tool automatically discovers the best available proxy servers from our global server pool and connects the user to it via an encrypted tunnel. In this process, the user’s IP address is hidden from the websites visited, and their communications are securely encrypted. This allows users to circumvent surveillance and overcome blocking and censorship.

  4. What advantages does Ultrasurf have?


    • Free: Ultrasurf is free to users
    • Easy to use: Ultrasurf can be easily downloaded, and launches by double-clicking. No additional adjustments are necessary
    • Fast: Ultrasurf has been tested as one of the fastest circumvention tools, and as we continue to upgrade our server capacity, it becomes even faster and more reliable
    • Lightweight: Ultrasurf is a small program, it is easy to download and share
    • Portable: No installation necessary: can be run, e.g. in a cybercafe, off of removable media such as a USB thumbdrive or the SD card used in cameras (This only applies Ultrasurf Windows Client)
    • Anonymous: No registration is requires, and no personally identifying information collected
    • Transparent: Users using Ultrasurf have almost the same experience as they directly surf the web (This only applies Ultrasurf Windows Client)
    • Blocking resillient: Ultrasurf is one of a few circumvention tools that have been battle tested for the past 15 years. It has survived many major targeted blocking attempts, and daily heavy blockings
  5. Why Does Internet Freedom Matter?

    ANSWER: According to Freedom House, in 43 countries around the world, the Internet is not free. Repressive governments censor content that, far from being harmful or nefarious, is vital to the workings of a healthy, pluralistic, and free society. Many of these states censor news and information, suppress dissenting voices and ideas, and monitor and imprison internet users. In many countries, governments may use their control of information to incite hatred against other groups, ethnicities, or nations, or to legitimize or conceal human rights abuses. States even suppress information about public health emergencies, like the SARS outbreak or the melamine scandal, with significant human consequences. The availability of circumvention tools empowers citizens to access, share, and report information that would otherwise be censored or inaccessible, thus helping mitigate human rights abuses in these countries.